Guests of Honor

Guests of Honor for OryCon 42

Author: A. Lee Martinez

A. Lee Martinez has been a traditionally published fantasy novelist for 15 years. His first novel, Gil’s All Fright Diner, received an Alex Award from the American Library Association. His third novel, A Nameless Witch, received The Amelia Bloomer Award. His current project, the Constance Verity Trilogy, has been optioned for film by Legendary Pictures. Martinez is known for his love of mixing classic pulp fiction adventure, noir, and horror with comic sensibilities and describes his style as Saturday Morning Humanism.

Music: Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff

OryCon, Oregon’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention, is proud to announce that the Music Guests of Honor for OryCon 42 will be Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff ( They create and perform both parodies and original music and have been a part of the science fiction community for many years. We are excited to bring them back to Oregon. The Bohnhoffs were the Friends of Filk Special Guests at OryCon 24 and we’re excited to bring them back for the other half of the palindrome!

Artist: Betty Bigelow

Coming from a family of musicians, singers, artists, seamstresses and dancers, it is not surprising that Betty Bigelow grew up doing all of the above, as well as being interested in science and math as her dad was an aeronautical engineer. However, it wasn’t until sustaining a head injury falling from a horse in her mid-teens that she found art was more her calling, and has been an artist, costumer, professional middle eastern dancer, choreographer, and artist’s model as well as a sometime musician and singer with her husband Dave, producing Klingon based musical half time entertainments at conventions and performing at Medieval events.

Her nom-de-paintbrush is Rena Bassilvergoran, for reasons she’ll explain if asked. Mostly self-taught, she has worked in pen and ink, water color, oil, acrylic, colored pencils, 3-D ceramic and polymer clay sculptures. Her pieces have gathered many awards at convention art shows, as well as appearing in fanzines locally and internationally.

As a costumer, she has won many awards at science fiction costume events.

Betty has studied Belly Dance, Flamenco, and Middle Eastern Ethnic Dance from many countries for 50 years. She founded Shahrazad Dance Ensemble of Seattle in 1978, and is its Artistic Director.

Amongst other languages, she has studied Klingon and Sindarin, one of the elven dialects from Lord of the Rings.  As a fan, she usually describes herself as 159 years old and counting.

 Visit her dance troupe’s website here