Welcome to OryCon 42! – SPECIAL UPDATE!


**OryCon 42 COVID-19 Policy**
Revised, version 2.0
August 17th, 2021
OryCon 42 will follow all requirements from the CDC, the Oregon Health Authority, and the Multnomah County Health Department. However, we intend to go above and beyond those minimums to better keep our membership safe and healthy during this pandemic. This is a living document, and we may adjust it as best practices and government requirements evolve. This is not a final version; we are working to fine tune our policy with further details in the next coming months.
Masks/Face Coverings:
In conformity with Oregon state requirements, all OryCon 42 members will be required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth in convention-controlled spaces, including Programming rooms, Art Show, and Dealers. These face coverings should not include features such as vents and should fit snugly around the mouth and nose to reduce the exhalation of aerosols.
There may be limited rooms, such as a designated Hospitality eating room, with more relaxed masking policies for the purpose of eating and drinking. This has yet to be determined and will be communicated when details are confirmed.
Vaccines and COVID tests:
All OryCon 42 members are strongly encouraged to become vaccinated against COVID-19. We will be requiring either proof of full vaccination, with final dose on or before October 29th, 2021, or a negative COVID-19 test result, taken on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 or later, for each member in order for them to pick up the badge and attend the convention.
As always, stay safe during the rest of your Summer, and we look forward to seeing you at OryCon 42.

OryCon is Oregon’s premier, fan run, annual science fiction/fantasy convention held in Portland since 1979. After taking our convention online for a free mini-con in 2020, we’re still hopeful that we can host our con in person for Orycon 42 November 12th – 14th, 2021! As we are still hopeful that the current pandemic climates will keep improving throughout the Summer, we are opening our room block at the hotel, The Red Lion Hotel on The River (located at Jantzen Beach). If you are planning to attend in person, now is the time to lock in your reservation, as rooms may be limited. Click on the link to book your room today:


With this in mind, we are pleased to remind you that memberships are available at the current rate of $50 until July 15th, 2021, with discounted rates for youth memberships. If you have not already done so, please register at:


Each OryCon, we invite Guests of Honor from the science fiction and fantasy realms to be a part of our experience. For this year, we are proud to host our Author Guest of Honor, A. Lee Martinez, an award winning traditional fantasy novelist and author of The Constance Verity Trilogy. Visit our webpage for our Guests of Honor here:


With this being a fan run and volunteer based convention, we need community support to bring the wonders of our convention to life! Want to help orchestrate the magical aspects of Orycon with your wits, experiences, and skills you’ve honed over the years? Would you like to help make the changes you’ve hoped to see in Orycon? Want to just help make sure things run smoothly for this event? We need the energy and fire from our volunteers to help make this convention a reality! We are currently looking for key personnel positions within the OryCon staff:

Secretary/Internal Communications (which may be split)
Vice Chair
Personnel (pre-convention)

If you are interested in any of these roles or would like to find out more, please visit this page for further details and to sign up. Department Head Level Staff are expected to be present at ConCom meetings, which are hosted online via Zoom. The ConCom meeting links are found HERE. Our meeting dates are as follows, Pacific Time:

Wednesday, July 14th, 7PM
Saturday, August 14th, 1PM
Wednesday, September 1st, 7PM
Saturday, September 25th, 1PM
Wednesday, October 13th, 7PM
Saturday, October 30th, 1PM

We will be giving special attention to the current progress in Oregon when it comes to any changes for the pandemic and occupancy restrictions. Please be sure to follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and here on our website at 42.orycon.org.

We note that there are aspects of this website that are out of date, our webmaster is currently getting all of the info she can from the departments and as they update her, she will be adding the current info, thank you for your patience! Everyone is getting back into gear as quickly as possible.

While OR e-Con was a free event as a mini-con, we are requesting donations both to cover the costs of the virtual event and for use elsewhere in the organization. As always, the various OSFCI charitable funds (Clayton, Petrey) are also open to donations. We apologize that we were unable to provide a link prior to where donations can be made prior to the event, but we are happy to unveil the link and to invite our followers, fellow fans, and those who miss a bit of the magic of Orycon to donate:

If you’ve already purchased a membership in 2020 that you want rolled over to this year, for more details, see here.


Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) Code of Conduct

OSFCI does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking or unwelcome physical contact. This policy applies to your interactions with fellow con-goers, program participants, hotel employees, and guests of the hotel.

Read more on this and other policies…

To report a violation of our Code Of Conduct prior to the convention, please email chair[at]orycon.org