Welcome to OryCon 42!

OryCon is Oregon’s premier, fan run, annual science fiction/fantasy convention held in Portland since 1979.  We are a 100% volunteer based production of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), which is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 corporation.

Message from the Chairs

As everyone knows, this year has been tough on everything, including cons. As of June 11,
there are now cons scheduled after us that are cancelling, so we thought we should let
everyone know where OryCon stands.
As of this writing, we are still planning to have an in person con with virtual components. There
are, however, impediments that may force us to postpone and instead make this year a virtual
Multnomah County has not even opened for Stage 1 yet, and the planned opening that was to
have happened June 12 has been postponed at least a week due to a spike in cases. If we are
in Stage 2 at the time of the Con, the in person limit will be 250, including panelists and hotel
staff. Therefore, we probably will have to wait for Stage 3 to have the con in person. We don’t
know when that will happen. Oregon is being very cautious about reopening, and as we’re
dealing with a spike in new (or at least newly diagnosed) cases right now, we think that more
likely than not we won’t get there by November.
Safety is priority one. We don’t want to put anyone at unnecessary risk.
The hotel is dealing with many event cancellations, and is only looking 90 days out. That means
we’ll discuss it with them again in August, and a final decision on an entirely virtual or in-person
OryCon will likely be made by mid to late August.
If we cancel, then OryCon 42 will be held in 2021. We have already contracted with the hotel.
The good news is that we plan to hold OryCon 41½ as a virtual con if we cancel, and Phil and
Kaja Foglio have already indicated they are prepared to appear at both the virtual con and a
postponed con as Artist GoHs. Sadly, the Vogon poetry contest has been canceled.
We still look forward to seeing everyone at an in person con. We just don’t know yet when that
will be.
Thank you for your support,
Linnea and Daniel and the rest of the ConCom


November 13 – 15th, 2020
Red Lion Hotel, Jantzen Beach

Our Theme: “Humor, Satire and Parody in Science Fiction”

This year’s Guests of Honor:

Artists: Phil and Kaja Foglio

Author: A. Lee Martinez


Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) Code of Conduct

OSFCI does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking or unwelcome physical contact. This policy applies to your interactions with fellow con-goers, program participants, hotel employees, and guests of the hotel.

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To report a violation of our Code Of Conduct prior to the convention, please email chair[at]orycon.org

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